Forno F., Gunnarson C., Everyday Shopping to Fight the Mafia in Italy

Creative Participation: Responsibility-Taking in the Political World

Edited by Michele Micheletti, Andrew McFarland

“Creative Participation: Responsibility-Taking in a Political World” presents the theory and practice of innovative forms of political participation. Citizens as consumers engage in political shopping; capitalists can build green developments; UK Muslim youth search the internet; Sicilian housewives take on the Mafia; young evangelical ministers become concerned with social change; vegetarians make a political statement; individuals may swarm like honeybees. It’s all part of a new politics of participation; citizens cooperate in public action to achieve a common good.


  • ISBN: 978-1-59451-718-1
  • Publish date: May 2010

Book Info

  • Length: 224 pages
  • Trim size: 6″ x 9″


Acknowledgments v
Chapter 1 Introduction: Responsibility-Taking in Politics
Michele Micheletti
Chapter 2 Why Creative Participation Today?
Andrew S. McFarland
Chapter 3 Swarming: Imagining Creative Participation
Alexandra Segerberg
Chapter 4 Two Faces of Political Participation: Conventional and Creative Participation Among American Clergy
James L. Guth
Chapter 5 Grammars of Political Action Among Urban Muslim Youth
Therese O’Toole
Richard Gale
Chapter 6 Capitalist Housing Developers as Green Activists
John S. Watson
Chapter 7 Everyday Shopping to Fight the Mafia in Italy
Francesca Forno
Carina Gunnarson
Chapter 8 Vegetarianism—A Lifestyle Politics?
Michele Micheletti
Dietlind Stolle
Chapter 9 Is Creative Participation Good for Democracy?
Jan W. van Deth
Chapter 10 Creative Participation: Concluding Thoughts From the Land of the Boston Tea Party
Kay Lehman Schlozman
Bibliography 191
Index 211
About the Contributors 221





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