Call for paper: Framing stories, telling frames? Relating interpretivist concepts

PANEL 29: Framing stories, telling frames? Relating interpretivist concepts
deadline: Jan 31 

The following panel has been accepted for the 6th meeting of the Interpretive Policy Analysis Conference that will take place in Cardiff, Wales, 23-25 June 2011 (For info:<> )
The deadline for proposals for papers to be presented on this panel is 31
January 2011. Abstracts should be submitted to the panel chairs:
Tatum Matharu<>
Merlijn van Hulst<>

Panel 29: Framing stories, telling frames? Relating interpretivist concepts

A myriad of concepts have been developed and proffered as analytical tools within and for the interpretivist tradition. Whilst it can now be understood as an established tradition, interpretivism is still under development; interpretive researchers are continuously attempting to make sense of policy actors’ sense-making processes. Categories, discourses, frames, metaphors, narratives and stories are all examples of terms that have been advanced and used to describe and understand the discursive artefacts produced in actors’ meaning-making processes.

A significant challenge that has arisen from this expansion concerns the relationships between concepts. Many of these have generally been developed in relative isolation from each other, and so there is potential confusion as to how or whether they relate to one another. What are the similarities and differences, and where are there overlaps? These questions are now timely.

This panel contributes towards addressing such issues. It does so with specific reference to the concepts of frames and stories. It explores the ways in which these two can be used together, complementarily, for a layered, staged or multifaceted analysis. Inviting contributions that define, differentiate and relate these concepts, this panel particularly seeks to explore the connection between product and process in analytical approaches employing frames and stories. There is specific interest in the processes of framing and/or story-telling to, from or between the frames and/or stories produced. Case studies of policy situations where such a compound approach to analysis could be useful, for example in attempts at institutional change or in sites of ambiguity, are of particular interest.

Please send paper proposals to both chairs
(Tatum Matharu and
Merlijn van Hulst
by 31st January 2011



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