Interface – issue 6(1)

Issue-6-1-coverInterface volume 6 number 1, May 2014 Reinventing emancipation in the 21st century: the pedagogical practices of social movements 
Interface: a journal for and about social movements is a forum bringing together activists from different movements and different countries, researchers working with movements, and engaged academics from different disciplines to contribute to the production of knowledge that can help us gain insights across movements and issues, across continents and cultures, and across political and disciplinary traditions: learning from each other’s struggles. Interface is open-access (free), globally organised in different regional collectives and multi-lingual.

6.1 Table of contents

Reinventing emancipation in the 21st century: the pedagogical practices of social movements.
Sara C Motta and Ana Margarida Esteves (pp. 1 – 24)

The pedagogical practices of social movements
The thumbless hand, the dog and the chameleon: enriching social movement learning theory through epistemically grounded narratives emerging from a participatory action research case study in Ghana (peer-reviewed article)
Jonathan Langdon, Kofi Larweh and Sheena Cameron (pp. 27 – 44)
Práxis educativa do Movimento 21 na resistência ao agronegócio (peer-reviewed article)
Sandra Maria Gadelha de Carvalho e José Ernandi Mendes (pp. 45 – 73)
Utopía y pragmatismo. Enseñanza y aprendizaje en una organización urbana popular (peer-reviewed article)
Edgar Guerra Blanco (pp. 74 – 98)
Anti-oppression as pedagogy; prefiguration as praxis (peer-reviewed article)
Timothy Luchies (pp. 99 – 129)
Climbing the leadership ladder: legitimate peripheral participation in student movements (peer-reviewed article)
Joe Curnow (pp. 130 – 155)
Critical cartography as anarchist pedagogy? Ideas for praxis inspired by the 56a infoshop map archive (peer-reviewed article)
Rhiannon Firth (pp. 156 – 184)
Professors of our own poverty: intellectual practices of a poor people’s movement in post-apartheid South Africa (peer-reviewed article)
Cerianne Robertson (pp. 185 – 210)
Knowledge practices in Abahlali baseMjondolo (peer-reviewed article)
Gerard Gill (pp. 211 – 229)
Dis/placing political illiteracy: the politics of intellectual equality in a South African shack-dwellers’ movement (peer-reviewed article)
Anna Selmeczi (pp. 230 – 265)
The pedagogy of road blockades (peer-reviewed article)
Anne Harley (pp. 266 – 296)
Intervention in lectures as a form of social movement pedagogy and a pedagogical method (peer-reviewed article)
Piotr Kowzan, Małgorzata Zielińska and Magdalena Prusinowska (pp. 297 – 326)
Popular Education methodology, activist academics and emergent social movements: Agents for Environmental Justice (action note)
Eurig Scandrett (pp. 327 – 334)
“A Masters for activists”: learning from each other’s (action note)
Laurence Cox (pp. 335 – 341)
Exit from war: Syrian women learn from the Bosnian women’s movement (article)
Cynthia Cockburn (pp. 342 – 362)
Demanding the impossible? An experiment in engaging urban working class youth with radical politics (action note)
Ed Lewis and Jacob Mukherjee (pp. 363 – 371)
Mística, meaning and popular education in the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement (peer-reviewed article)
John L. Hammond (pp. 372 – 391)
Pedagogies of resistance and solidarity: towards revolutionary and decolonial praxis (peer-reviewed article)
Nathalia E. Jaramillo and Michelle E. Carreon (pp. 392 – 411)

General articles
General Motors is attacking European workers. Is there no resistance? The case of Opel Bochum (action note)
Wolfgang Schaumberg (pp. 412 – 415)
Neo-liberal state, austerity, and workers’ resistance in India (peer-reviewed article)
Kanchan Sarker (pp. 416 – 440)
The “Al-Muhajiroun” brand of Islamism (peer-reviewed article)
Mohammed Ilyas (pp. 441 – 453)
“¡Volveremos! / we will return”: The state of play for the global climate justice movement (event analysis)
John Foran (pp. 454 – 477)
Betrayal or realistic expectations? Egyptian women revolting (peer-reviewed article)
Reem Wael (pp. 478 – 491)

Stephen Brookfield and John Holst, Radicalizing Learning: Adult Education for a Just World. Reviewed by Maeve O’Grady.
Mar Daza, Raphael Hoetmer and Virginia Vargas, Crisis y Movimientos Sociales en Nuestra América: Cuerpos, Territorios e Imaginarios en Disputa. Reviewed by Edgar Guerra Blanco.
Srila Roy, New South Asian Feminisms: Paradoxes and Possibilities. Reviewed by Sara de Jong.
David Harvey, Rebel Cities: From the Right to the City to the Urban Revolution. Reviewed by Kristen A. Williams.
Aziz Choudry, Jill Hanley and Eric Shragge (eds.), Organize! Building from the Local for Global Justice. Reviewed by Markus Kip.
Laurence Cox, Buddhism and Ireland: From the Celts to the Counter-Culture and Beyond. Reviewed by Eilís Ward.



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