2 Research Fellowships Laboratoire d’excellence ICCA (cultural industries and artistic creation)

hqro5Ov2 Research Fellowships

Laboratoire d’excellence ICCA (cultural industries and artistic creation)

Call for research fellowships 

Deadline for applications: 1st September 2014

LABEX ICCA is offering 2 research fellowships. 

Candidates will work on original research projects in the following areas:

– Publishing, cinema and broadcasting industries in the digital age (prospective analysis of the changes induced in these sectors by digital technologies, actors’ strategies, economic models, creation, uses…)

– Convergence in contents (analysis of multi-support exploitation practice and of the evolution of content creation process) and development of new forms of production and circulation of these contents on the Web2.

– Regulation of creative industries and of the Internet (analysis of regulation needs and existing regulations; economic and legal aspects; evaluation)

– Video games and education industries (interactions between the video games sector and education; serious games, e-learning)

– The contribution of cultural economics to growth, in particular in relation to the integration of cultural industries into creative industries. Differenciation in territorial attractivity (analysis of the territorial issues linked to the cultural and digital industries; employment, development, population, training at the local scale – regions, departments, urban communities or cities)

The selected candidates will work within one of the research groups of the ICCA Labex they presented their application. They will have at their disposal a working space in the Maison de Sciences de l’Homme Paris Nord Resarch Center (subway station Front Populaire).

This research fellowshup do not allow a parallel employment contract nor a teaching commitment over 64 hours a year.

The contract will be for a period of 12 months renewable once. (24 months maximum). Beginning according to the candidates’ constraints.

Gross monthly salary: around 2200 €

Pluridisciplinary projects are accepted and even recommended.

Research unit Main discipline University Contact
LabSIC (Laboratoire des sciences de l’information et de la communication) Information and communication sciences Paris 13 Bertrand Legendre
CEPN (Centre d’Economie Paris Nord) Economics Paris 13 François Moreau
(Francois.moreau@univ- paris13.fr)
IRCAV (Institut de recherche sur le cinéma et l’audiovisuel) Economics of cinema and broadcasting, Art and creation of images Paris 3 Laurent Creton
CEISME (Centre d’Etude sur les Images et les Sons Médiatiques) Information and communication sciences Paris 3 François Jost
CERLIS (Centre de recherches sur les liens sociaux) Sociology Paris 5 &
Paris 3
Bruno Pequignot
(bruno.pequignot@univ- paris3.fr)
IRDA Institut de recherche en Droit des affaires) Law Paris 13 Mustapha Mekki
EXPERICE (Centre de recherche Interuniversitaire Expérience Ressources 
Culturelles Education)
Education Paris 13 Pascale Garnier
ENSADlab (Laboratoire de recherché de l’Ecole nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs) Art, design and esthetics ENSAD Emmanuel Mahé

Candidates must have obtained a PhD in one of the research areas covered by the Labex between 1st september 2011 and the date of application.

Application should include:

– A curriculum vitae (one page)

– A list of publications

– A research project in French or English (three pages) including a provisional budget  for travel expenses

– Letters of reference (at least two)

– A letter of support from the research group which will work with the selected  candidates.

Applications must be sent to: labex.icca@univ-paris13.fr

Deadline for applications: 1st September 2014



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