DSCN2786COSMOS TALKS – Center on Social Movements Studies – EUI/SNS
Villa Pagliaiuola 17-19, San Domenico, Firenze
Phone (+39) 0554685700
Seminar Room (First Floor)

Organized by Lorenzo Bosi, Donatella Della Porta and Alice Mattoni

The COSMOS Talks are public discussions on cutting edge contentious politics research from across various theoretical, methodological and disciplinary traditions. They aim to provide feedback on preliminary results of current research projects, future research projects proposals and drafts of forthcoming papers, articles and book chapters. The COSMOS Talks also aim at improving synergies and networking among researchers from the COSMOS community as well as from other universities.
Scholars and researchers interested in discussing their work at one of the slots of COSMOS Talks should send an abstract to Lorenzo Bosi (talks organizer), preferably by the end of September. A program will be then circulated. We ask presenters to send a paper (of no more than 30 pages) to Lorenzo Bosi, no later than a week before the scheduled talk. Each session lasts for two hours. Paper givers are given maximum 20 minutes to introduce their works. Preselected discussants are given about 10 minutes each to give constructive feedback. The floor will then be open to the public. All participants are asked to read the paper in advance.

The COSMOS Talks will take place (preferably) on Wednesdays, 13:30 -15:30.

To be added to the COSMOS Talks listserv e-mail Lorenzo Bosi (



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