CFP: International Congress on Communication, Civil Society and Social Change

cabecera-web-4The International Congress on Communication, Civil Society and Social Change (#comunicambio, #com4change) is organized in a participatory way with professionals in communication, NGOs, social movements, researchers and scholars in the field of communication, civil society and social change.

Invitation, rationale and goals
The international congress #comunicambio2015 [#com4change] seeks to identify, analyze and recover success factors in the communication for social change, understood as a process of empowerment for global social justice. Particularly relevant are the
communicative trends of social movements that have been springing in recent years in several countries worldwide, including Spain (15M and others).
The international scientific committee of the Congress and the several research, communication and activist networks that participate in the organization are illustrative of the actors that converge around communication based on empowerment and the
search, from civil society, for alternatives to transform social injustices and inequalities: NGOs, social movements, researchers and
scholars in the field of Communication, Civil Society and Social Change… In this communicative field, gender and culture of peace are fundamental and cross-cutting elements. In the framework of this general program, we encourage you to send proposals for communications that address the following interests and goals:
Epistemologies, theories and approaches to communication for social change;
Eco-social empowerment and other communicative proposals of social justice;
Organizational structures, “smart mobs”, networks; Best practices: case studies and comparative studies; Criteria and indicators of success for planning and assessing transformative communication.

Characteristics and dates for the submissions
Communications can be submitted in Spanish or English, the languages of the congress.
Proposals (abstracts) will be between 400 and 500 words and will be submitted online through Easy Chair (click here)

IMPORTANT FOR ABSTRACTS SUBMISSION: please copy your text in the corresponding box set up in Easy Chair and do not attach any file in this submission phase.

The deadline for abstract submissions is October 12th 2014.
Please check all the detailed information on participation, presentation formats, registration and important dates.



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