Christiania Researcher in Residence (CRIR) – OPEN CALL 2014/15

header_folkeaktie_fontChristiania Researcher in Residence (CRIR) – OPEN CALL 2014/15
OPEN CALL 2014/15

The ‘free city’ Christiania in Copenhagen has just celebrated its 43 years anniversary. Not long ago, Christiania reached an agreement with the Danish state after more than forty years of struggle and negotiations. The so-called ‘Christiania Foundation’ has bought part of the area from the Danish state. (See: here – look for the English version at the homepage). Christiania has therefore changes status form being a squatter community, to an area now partly owned by an independent ‘land trust’. This has many potential implications for the community.

Christiania Researcher in Residence (CRIR) offers residency for artists and academic researchers with a specific interest in Christiania as an important field of study. Time of residency is typically 1-4 weeks depending on the project.

The aim of the Christiania Researcher in Residence project is to involve artists, researchers and academics in an open, critical and reflective dialog around the free town Christiani, and to feed new creative and critical thinking back to the community and into the public realm globally. Christiania’s insight and experience into local organization, alternative architecture, lifestyle, culture, sustainable environments, quality of life, democracy and innovation is unique in the world and could generate important knowledge that may inspire alternative urban thinking.

The CRIR house has few and simple facilities: heating, shower, Internet, kitchen and a terrace with a view in the front. The house is free of charge for independent researchers and artist (applicants with low income).

The house is run on a non-profit basis. CRIR receive some funds from the general Christiania community and support from the local community where it is located. Since the house needs continuous renovation, applicants with high salary or a research grant are very welcome to make a donation (CRIR will issue a receipt for your accounting).

All residents will pay for electricity, water, heating and laundry. A deposit of 500DKK @14 days, 1000 DKK @1 month stay is paid upon arrival. Researchers are expected to finance their own living costs.

How to apply? To apply you need to write a short application. You need to:
– Describe your project.
– Explain your project’s expected audience and method of distribution in Denmark and/or abroad.
– Explicate how your project will be communicated internally in Christiania.
– Indicate your preferred period of stay (typically 1-4 weeks).

Send your application to: info[at]

Applications are dealt with on a continuous basis but the sooner we receive it, the better the chances for finding a free time slot. The steering group will evaluate your application and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

For more info go to: //



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