“New Directions in Political Sociology” – New issue PACO

paco_coverPArtecipazione e COnflitto [PArticipation and COnflict] * The Open Journal of Sociopolitical Studies *
Vol. 7, No. 3 (2014)
Special issue on: “New Directions in Political Sociology” – open access here.
Editor of the Issue: Fabio de Nardis

de Nardis F. (2014), “Political Sociology as a Connective Social Science: Between Old Topics and New Directions”, Partecipazione e conflitto, 7(3): 414-446
Special Issue

Della Porta D. (2014), “Cycles of Protest and the Consolidation of Democracy”, Partecipazione e conflitto, 7(3): 447-468

Trenz H-J, A. Michailudou (2014), “The Mediatization of Politics. From the National to the Transnational”, Partecipazione e conflitto, 7(3): 469-489

Ruzza C. (2014), “The Ideology of New Public Management, Associational Representation and the Global Financial Crisis”, Partecipazione e conflitto, 7(3): 490-508

Recchi E., J. Salamonska (2014), “Keeping the European Faith. Collective Identity before and after the Euro-Crisis”, Partecipazione e conflitto, 7(3): 509-531

Medrano J.D. (2014), “Individual and Collective Responses to Crisis: An Analytical Framework for the Study of Social Resilience”, Partecipazione e conflitto, 7(3): 532-550

Eder K. (2014), “The Paradox of Political Participation: Theorizing Uncivil Society”, Partecipazione e conflitto, 7(3): 551-575

de Nardis F. (2014), “The Logical Structures of Comparison: Its Forms, Styles, Problems, and the Role of History in Social and Political Research”, Partecipazione e conflitto, 7(3): 576-615

Open Section

Jasso-Aguilar R. (2014), “Anti-Neoliberal Struggles in the 21st Century: Gramsci Revised”, Partecipazione e conflitto, 7(3): 616-656

Massoli L., L. D’Ambrosi (2014), “Environmental Movements, Institutions and Civil Society: A New Way to Preserve Common Goods”, Partecipazione e conflitto, 7(3): 657-681

Book Reviews

Maurano S. (2014), Edward W. Soja, Seeking spatial justice, Minneapolis, London: University of Minnesota press, 2010, Partecipazione e conflitto, 7(3): 682-685

Piazza G. (2014), SQEK, Cattaneo C. and M. Martìnez (Eds.), The Squatters’ Movement in Europe. Commons and Autonomy as Alternatives to Capitalism, London, Pluto Press, 2014, Partecipazione e conflitto, 7(3): 686-690

D’Alisa G. (2014), Alteri L. and Raffini L. (Eds.), La Nuova politica. Mobilitazioni, movimenti e conflitti in Italia, Edises, Napoli, 2014, Partecipazione e conflitto, 7(3): 691-695



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