CFP: Governance dynamics beyond authoritarianism and democracy.

LOCECPR General Conference – Université de Montréal 26 – 29 August 2015
Panel organizers seeing additional papers by February 5

Panel title: Governance dynamics beyond authoritarianism and democracy.

Proponents: Francesco Cavatorta (Université Laval, Québec) and Paola Rivetti (Dublin City University, Ireland)

Panel Abstract (300 words)
While mainstream Middle Eastern Studies and political science have devoted efforts to examine the distinction between democratic and authoritarian regimes, this panel shifts the focus of analysis on governance dynamics with the objective of problematising such distinction. Recent scholarship (Dabène, Geisser, Massardier 2008; Camau, Massardier 2009; Cavatorta 2010; Teti, Mura 2013) has called for a comparative engagement with governance systems across the world, highlighting how different political regimes are characterised by similar governance dynamics. Established democracies are becoming less ‘democratic’ by implementing undemocratic and illiberal policies such as widespread surveillance (Cavatorta 2010), fragmenting their decision-making process into unelected enclaves of co-opted experts and special interests (Henry 2010) and by restricting the room for open political engagement. Authoritarian regimes ‘upgrade’ and adopt ad hoc liberal institutions, while formally adhering to the ‘good governance’ mantra as imposed by the IMF, the EU and other IOs (Heydemann 2007). The goal of the panel is twofold. First, we wish to analyse shared patterns of governance in terms of actors and interactions during the policy-making process. Second, we wish to explore the commonalities in the way policy-makers address specific issues and construct ‘subjects’ such as youth or women. We are interested in papers that shed light on the processes, actors and on intended and unintended outcomes of governance.

The panel aims to disentangle the convergence of governance by contrasting governance dynamics from MENA states, Europe, Asia, Africa, Americas. Papers should be comparative. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: anti-terror legislation; gender-related legislation; government of dissent and the policing of protests; privatisation plans, private-public partnerships (PPP) and urban government; the management of international events (Olympic Games, Qatar 2020, Expo); the transformation of the labour market and industrial relations; the transformation of party politics and mass political parties; the government of migration and diversity.

We are seeking 3 to 5 papers. To propose a paper: please send a paper abstract (max 150 words), 5 keywords and a short bio to paola.rivetti[at] and Francesco.cavatorta[at] before February 5, 2015.



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