CFP: The political ecology of local sovereignties

48-e1422446818685*Call for papers for the journal Ecología Política, number 49, The political ecology of local sovereignties

*Ecologia Politica* is a semi-annual journal in Spanish addressing environmental questions and their link to society. The journal is more than 20 years old and distributed mainly in Spain and Latin America. Its target is academics and environmental/social organisations. You can find more information in the Journal website, where you can also download the digital version of the first 46 issues.

The next issue will be focused on “The political ecology of local sovereignties” and will be published in July, 2015.

Its thematic orientation will be about: exploring emerging local proposals and alternatives from political ecology perspective by focusing on how they emerge, become spread, and how they contribute to political arena as different ways of thinking and living. The number may include a wide range of topics such as new forms of governance and sovereignty in institutional terms, urban or rural local initiatives, general (e.g. new local movements organized at very small scales and their role in democracy) or sectoral alternatives (production, service or consumption cooperatives and to what extent they enter into conflicts with mainstream, what kind of spaces they open and what kind of political potential they have) etc..

We would like to invite you to send us proposals of articles about this topic or proposals of people who could write a good article about this subject. The types of articles published in the journal are the following:

·   *In-depth articles* related to the main subject of the issue. These are articles which analyse the topic in detail, and their length should be approximately 8 pages.

·   *Short articles* with a regional approach and related to the main subject of the issue. They analyse a concrete case study and are approximately 4 pages long.

·    *Opinion articles* related to the subject of the issue. They give a personal and critical vision of the subject matter.

·    *Articles about resistance or social movements* related to the subject matter.

The conditions for different types of articles including their length and format can be consulted on the webpage under the subtitle “enviarartículos“. Only those that comply with the format of the journal will get published.

The proposals should include an abstract of the article. The *deadline for sending proposals is 17th of February, 2015 *and the *deadline for sending the final version *of articles that have to be translated to Spanish is* 7th
of April, 2015.* The proposals have to be sent to



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