Spreading Protest: Social Movements in Times of Crisis

unnamedSpreading Protest: Social Movements in Times of Crisis

Edited by Donatella della Porta and Alice Mattoni

Which elements do the Arab Spring, the Indignados and Occupy Wall Street have in common? How do they differ? What do they share with social movements of the past?

This book discusses the recent wave of global mobilisations from an unusual angle, explaining what aspects of protests spread from one country to another, how this happened, and why diffusion occurred in certain contexts but not in others.

In doing this, the book casts light on the more general mechanisms of protest diffusion in contemporary societies, explaining how mobilisations travel from one country to another and, also, from past to present times.

‘This rich, punchy volume is the best overview yet of the extraordinary wave of movements that exploded around the world in 2011. It especially shows how the movements are transnational and very national at one and the same time, learning from each other yet inventing their own paths.’

James M Jasper
City University of New York

‘In this rich and challenging volume, Donatella della Porta, Alice Mattoni and their collaborators interrogate the transnational dimensions of the events of 2011 and find a high degree of coherence in them, despite their broad diversity and the heterogeneity of their settings… The heady days of the Indignados, the Arab Spring, and Occupy Wall Street are gone, but the lessons those movements pose to theories of contentious politics are advanced in this important book.’

Sidney Tarrow
Department of Government, Cornell University
Author of The New Transnational Activism

‘A major contribution to the literature on diffusion in social movements, inviting readers to critically assess the traditional models of diffusion.’

Abby Peterson
Department of Sociology and Work Science
University of Gothenburg



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